October 26, 2011

Backgammon: Game and Fashion

I love backgammon, one of the oldest table games. Its history goes back to approximately 5000 years. I used to play against my mom and brother at the beach all the time and recently played against my brother with those individual screens on an overseas flight. So when I found this dress I was pretty excited because I think they did a great job with the graphics and the colors. 

Who thought a backgammon-inspired dress could be totally wearable?

You can find this cute vintage style tea dress here

And below are some backgammon photographs I enjoyed.

Israeli men playing backgammon, 1960s.
Playing backgammon in Marmaris, Turkey 2002
Old backgammon game recovered from the Vasa, sunk in 1628.

Do you enjoy playing backgammon?

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