November 2, 2011

A colorful creative force of an apartment in Nimes, France

Myriam and her family moved from Paris to Nimes, France so they could adopt a life of peace and sweetness with this more spacious apartment with high ceilings and large windows. I love the cozy and cheerful feel of Myriam's artistic skills. 

All tapestries from the walls were removed to give a rough feel, which is contrasted by charming floral fabrics on these Scandinavian chairs. 

A joyous yellow touch for the girl's room.

A guest room with a global feel from the vintage suitcases and a globe on the coffee table. A feminine touch was added with florals. 

A more peaceful white bedroom for the adults.

Source: Marie Claire Maison


Julie said...

I certainly like this style. It is hard to describe because it is colorful but at the same time is discrete and not so scandalous and lurid. The bedroom for adults always should be more minimalist than the one of the children. You should see the buenos aires apartments I stayed in when I was in Argentna, they all had a unique style that I tried to copy at home and never could!

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