September 21, 2011

Rubik's Cube Food

I have never seen this in real life, and just recently saw this online for the first time. I was immediately attracted to the idea, a colorful Rubik's cube salad. I would like to attempt this one day. 

This Latvian style caprese Rubik's cube looks tasty. Made of tomatoes and latvian cheese malpils, which according to the artist is like mozzarella but saltier. 

This Rubik's Cube is for Summer. Made of watermelon cubes, jack cheese, cheddar, summer sausage and smoked turkey with a side of ranch dressing. 

Rubik's cube cake! This is fun.

This Rubik's Cube sandwich is made of pastrami, pork fat, kielbasa, salami and two types of cheddar. 

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