September 9, 2011

Wooden Ship Toys

These beautifully designed wooden ship toys are inspired by three of the largest cargo ships in the world and today's technologies. With oil rigs, satellites, and container ships, Papa Foxtrot is looking to bring back the classic into the new.

I love the different blue hues and the contrast with the wood. These could be very cool bath toys for a little boy and I think they can also make a nice bathroom decoration, two in one! 

Arctic Princess
With nearly 150,000 cubic meters of liquified natural gas, the Princess carries enough energy to power 45,000 homes for a year.

Emma Maersk
At nearly 400m in length, Emma carries over 11,000 containers from China to Europe every seven weeks, with stops in Africa and the Middle East on her way.

TI Asia
"Four TI-class supertankers were built in the early 00’s and are currently the largest ships at sail; Asia was the first of these. Despite being spec’d for a 40 year life span, after less than a decade she has been retired to the sunny coasts of Qatar to spend the rest of her days as a stationary oil storage vessel." - Design Milk

1 comment:

Playmobil Nautical Expedition said...

This is awesome! A ship toy made of wood materials. You can now be at the sea and act as a pirate or a marine. Play your imagination with this perfectly scaled wooden ship.

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