September 12, 2011

We are small as grains of sand

So, you might be wondering what the picture above is. Well, that little fuzzy ball on the left is us, Earth,  and you might guess now that the tiny dot on the right is the moon. 

This photograph was taken by Juno, not the teenage girl who got pregnant that we all love, but NASA's spacecraft. Juno is on its way to Jupiter, which will be about another 5 years to get there and took this photo about 6 million miles away.

This photo reminded me of a children's song I used to sing in Spanish by Alberto Lozano. "El mundo es una bola de agua y tierra. Somos como polvitos chiquititos como la arena..." Which means: The planet is a ball of water and earth. We are like dust, very little like the sand. Kinda sounds better in Spanish but it was nice to be reminded of this song of my childhood. 

source: article

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