August 29, 2011

Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors

Ice cream is so good. It is better on hot sunny days but I can definitely enjoy a scoop even during the winter. Whoever invented ice cream must have gotten very good karma. I probably should have added ice cream to the list in The Small Pleasures of Life. Anyway, you probably have had a nice scoop of Chocolate ice cream, but have you ever had a nice scoop of Deep Sea Water ice cream?...  Me neither. 

I may never want to taste Raw Horseflesh ice cream, but I'm definitely up for the challenge of tasting some out of the ordinary ice cream flavors. 

Green Tea Ice Cream
I've actually had this one before, and it tasted a little more bitter than I expected but I ended up liking it. This version, though, is topped with sweetened red beans and vanilla ice cream, which fits even better in the bizarre category. 

Black Sesame Ice Cream
The dark color in this one is rather interesting and is topped with even more ground sesame seeds. The strawberry pocky stick on the side creates contrast.

Curry Carrot Ice Cream
The bright color and my love for Indian food actually makes me want to try this. If you feel like making this, you can get the recipe here, where they suggest to pair the scoop with ginger whipped cream and a cinammon-sugar "dosa." 

Boccalone Prosciutto Ice Cream
Humphry Slocombe, an ice cream parlor in San Francisco, offers a wide variety of unique flavors like this Boccalone Prosciutto which is, as they put it at Humphrey's: "tasty salty pig parts". I am a fan of prosciutto, but not sure I would eat this one. Other flavors that sound intriguing are: peanut butter curry,  golden beet saffron, and balsamic caramel.

Coconut Jalapeno Ice Cream
At Morelli's, in Atlanta, you will find many more interesting flavors like this sweet and spicy combination as well as cheesy Athena's Feta, colorful Avocado, love story Cream Cheese & Guava (Romeo and Juliet), boozy Gin & Tonic Sorbet, and Italian Rosemary Olive Oil. These actually sound pretty good to me.

Now, if you thought those flavors were strange, just wait to see the ones below.  


Squid Ink Ice Cream
Found in Japan, the ink gives a dark charcoal color to the blend. You get options too!

Silk Ice Cream
This one should be as smooth as silk, as it is made from it. Silk was Japan's biggest pre-war export, but kimonos still seem to be a better use for this textile.

Tulip Ice Cream
We went from textiles to flowers, are we still talking about ice cream? I would taste this. Tulips are my favorite flower, and one of the best ice creams I have had was Rose ice cream, so this one is very intriguing to me.

and finally:

Natural Viagra Ice Cream
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Would you dare to taste any of these? Or have you already? 

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