August 2, 2011


*Sigh*.. dancing. So amazing. I love every kind of dance, except I have to confess, Modern Dance. My sweetie and I have been to several modern dance performances and tried to appreciate it but we just don't get it. It seems all they want to do is disturb the audience and we're not into that. We've had a bad experience. Anyway, I love everything else, from Ballet to Bollywood, from Flamenco and Mexican Folklore to Aerial.

I am a dancer myself as I danced for 10 years but stopped for about 5 years and I recently started dancing again (Ballet, and a little bit of Flamenco and Aerial) about 6 months ago and I couldn't be happier. I always missed it.

Below is a collection of beautiful dancing photographs to get you inspired. I've tried all those except Tango which I really want to try with my partner. We watch dancing TV shows together. At first he was hesitant but now he's into it and he wants to dance with me. Me as a short Hispanic woman and him a tall American Navy man, we feel we could do a lot of lifts easily.

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