August 24, 2011

FINNE Architects: Wooded

Lake Forest Park
"Raised in Norway and the United States, Nils Finne established FINNE Architects in Seattle in 1994, bringing a Scandinavian understanding of craft and landscape to the Pacific Northwest. Dedicated to the idea of Crafted Modernism, Nils typically designs custom lighting, furniture, cabinets and hardware for every project."

These houses are rich in wood and fit perfectly in their surrounds, whether near coast or mountains. FINNE's sustainable principles, attention to detail, and unique crafted design give birth to these rich and warm residences. 

This post will focus on FINNE's wooded homes. 

Lake Forest Park
A complete renovation to a 1950′s Northwest Contemporary house on a secluded, wooded site about 25 miles north of Seattle, Washington. With extensive new windows and glazed roof monitors, the renovated house appears to be a glass pavilion in the forest.

Redmond Residence
Located on a wooded hillside property about 20 miles east of Seattle, the 3.5-acre site has a quiet beauty, with large stands of fir and cedar. The house is a delicate structure of wood, steel, and glass perched on ledgestone.

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