August 23, 2011

Farmers Market: Tomato Tasting

I grew up in a big city, and then moved to another big city for my studies. So, Durham, NC has been the smallest urban setting I've ever lived in, but I have really embraced this place. The community here is so open, so nice, and so helpful with each other. One of my favorite things is how it doesn't feel like a city because it is surrounded by open space and trees. You would never think, but Durham is also a very foodie town. Check out the NY Times article: Durham Dining: Pies, Panini and Barbecue.

That brings me to this post's topic: farmers' markets. Josh and I visited our local Durham Farmer's Market  for our first Summer visit some weeks ago. They were having a tomato tasting and a local chef preparing a tomato tasting dish. Tomatoes are one of the best ingredients in basically every type of cuisine, they are so flavorful and so flexible. Tomatoes rock! I was very excited to be part of a local tomato tasting.

The farmers market was a great canvas of color too, which is one of the biggest inspirations in my photography. 

These Green Zebra tomatoes were my favorite of the bunch, along with the Sun Gold tomatoes, which were Josh's favorite and explosive in flavor. 

The Paul Robeson was developed in Russia and was named after an African American opera singer and civil rights activist who was well respected in the Soviet Union.

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