August 17, 2011

El Bulli - Molecular Gastronomy

On March 2011, I saw the documentary "El Bulli: Cooking in Progress" at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. This film documented the Michelin 3-star restaurant, El Bulli, located near the town of Roses, Catalonia, Spain.
What was so interesting about this restaurant, is that they closed 6 months a year just to plan their menu, experimenting with molecular gastronomy just to find incredibly unique dishes.
I was sad to find out that El Bulli had closed on July 30th, 2011, to reopen as a creativity center in 2014. After I watched the documentary, I was hoping to visit in this lifetime.

Below is a collection of some of the dishes created at El Bulli.


Consomme turnovers with pesto
Carrot and tomato seed ravioli with lobster and coconut
Sea urchin ravioli with hibiscus flower, mango and pineapple
Hot vegetable jelly minestrone with fluffy parmesan truffles

Peach/nitro Sangria and watermelon/nitro Gin
Frozen caipirinha pastille


Mango and vanilla ice cream roll
Frozen guirlache nougat air with coffee mirror and lime ice cream
Sweet version of Michel Bras' 'gargoullou'

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