August 30, 2011

Welcoming Fall In Style

I don't own any oxford shoes but I would love too! Like these Ichigo shoes above, perfect to transition from sandals. I have already said farewell to Summer in my post Goodbye Summer, but now I am going to share a few things that I would love to have to welcome Fall in style.


The tobacco knit sweater is the perfect fall companion. The lavender lace cardigan is super cute and can be stylized in many ways. For a more nautical look the textured striped pullover is the go to choice. And for those of you who like to layer clothes, like me, go for the sheer lengthy sweater


A silky printed dress for a more bohemian look, a suede panel belted dress features a looser cut and a sweater dress from wow couture. 

Loafer Pumps

These shoes come in great Fall colors and are classic, a little vintage, and modern at the same time.
Above in suede comes in 3 different colors and looks comfortable! In the middle we've got classic black with a feminine buckle strap, and finally the leather platform.


I love my skinny jeans but flare is back. These dark wash jeans on the left look super flattering and on the right, I love this beautifully tailored wool pant cropped vintage style.

And last but not least...


This bold-colored Italian wool trench is super chic and does not neglect feminine fitting. The gold anchor buttons add a great finish. 

Speaking of coats, check out the NY Times Field Guide to Outerwear, if you haven't already.


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