August 27, 2011

Charlotte: A Wooden Boat Story

Last night, Josh and I watched Charlotte: A Wooden Boat Story. A documentary about craftsmanship, tradition, community and the love of the sea. I found it on Hulu and I had never heard of it but the description said it was about boats and that was good enough for me to give it a try as both Josh and I fantasize about going on a long boat trip to several countries one day. 

This film was amazing, beyond expectations. 

It is set in Martha's Vineyard, MA and it follows the story of two men, Ross and Nat who established a boatyard in 1980 for building and designing traditionally built wooden boats, which became a success. After a long time of building beautiful boats for others, Nat decides to build a 50 foot boat of his own for use by family and friends.   

The technique, determination, hard work, and patience is astonishing. Throughout the movie we get to see really gorgeous boats built by hand from these men and passed on to their owners and into sea. It is really something beautiful to see these boats come to life. 

Project: Charlotte
Charlotte being caulked
Cabin top frames
Approaching Launch

Other boats

16' Whitehall
Two Bellas

I highly recommend this movie, unless you really don't care for boats or the sea. It inspired us.

Image source: Gannon & Benjamin

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